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Re-enter the survey to specific question



  • Boyan Anakiev

    A state is generated after each succesfully completed page for each respondent. This means that each new page they view will have its own unique state.

    However, the state variable is randomly generated and it is absolutely unique for each respondent and each page so by looking at it you won't be able to tell which page it will take you to. Also, you can't really access the state variable (unless you're redirecting with a suspend tag).

    The last state that the respondent used will be automatically retrieved by our system if a respondent returns to the survey and the following conditions were met:

    1) autosave="1" is enabled for the survey and was enabled when he initially took the survey
    2) He returns with the same link he left of /started with
    3) Either our system matches the cookie it left on his system or if the autosave feature was using a variable it finds a successful match.

    If all 3 are true the last state of this respondent will be loaded and he will continue from where he left of . By default he will also see a button that would enable him to restart the survey from the beginning and wipe the data he had initially entered. 

    The way to check where respondents have dropped out would be to check the report and their records and to autorecover the partial data. You won't be able to start them from any point, only the last point they left of provided they met the above conditions.

    Respondents also can not submit data more than once for the same questions, they can overwrite their previous data but they can't submit it twice unless two records are created.

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  • Vibhuti Singh

    Good question...


    I believe Himanshu asking if the respondent reenter the middle of somewhere in the survey. is there a way to track how many respondents re-enter.  

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