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  • Boyan Anakiev

    Unfortunately this is not possible. A respondent is marked as a complete only when he clicks the 'Finish' or if he is requalified using a data edit.

    You could set a marker or another variable for each person that was supposed to be marked as a complete before they finish the survey and then batch update those people via a data edit to change their status later on.

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  • Tejas Dalal

    It will be good to have this feature, allowing multiple logic to mark respondent as qualified respondent for the survey, either respondent has answered x question or they finish survey.

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  • Diego Taracena

    I totally second this one!  For example, I am leaving an optional feedback space as the final question in my survey, but at this point I know that the respondent completed the survey and because of quotas and/or other logic I can't wait to do a manual batch update later.

    Thanks for your attention to this request.

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